Media | PR

Satira Media & PR is a public relations agency in Lagos, Nigeria. We specialise in strategic communications for organisations operating in the Entertainment, Sports, Hospitality and Technology sectors of the economy.

As a trusted strategic communications propagator, we spur the connectivity between our clients, their target audiences, and stakeholders with the provision of the right PR strategies to keep them glued to their activities or projects. Our mission is to strategically steer our clients’ key messages, boost their brand reputation, and enhance commercial value.

We are an agency anchored on Integrity, Passion and Creativity with a responsibility to give back to our society.  We pursue excellence and simplicity in all aspects of our operations and as an integral part, we value creativity, communication, honesty, respect, professionalism, commitment, and teamwork while adhering to professional ethics and standards.

Our Corporate Philosophy


To be the foremost strategic communications agency focused on creating positive lasting impressions 


To use our creativity and expertise to provide creative communication solutions that will be commended and valued 

Core Values

In the office, with our clients, the media, investors and other stakeholders, we are  PAACT (P-Professional, A-Accountable,  A-Authentic, C- Committed & Creative, T- Team Players).  This is integral in our way of life.