Our Services

Our public relations services include,

PR Advisory

This is a service available for professionals and C-suite executives. It involves interactive brainstorming sessions with our expert team to assist them to finesse their knowledge, ideas, and skills to be thought leaders in their industries. Our uttermost goal is to establish them as a voice of authority in their industries. At the end of the sessions, a PR plan is created with recommendations that can be executed independently or by Satira Media & PR

Media Relations

Creating meaningful brand stories is at the core of what we do. We assist organisations to create compelling content and disseminating it across all media channels while protecting the authenticity and integrity of their brand. Whether through trend reports, matte stories, bylines, online campaigns, experiential events or traditional media relations, we editorialize our content and target delivery to those channels that will best reach their key audiences. 

Digital Public Relations 

We help you connect with your online audience. We provide online visibility through digital content strategy, digital media relations or influencer marketing.

EXTERNAL Corporate Communications

 We handle everything from strategy, executive profiling, media training, media relations, product/service campaigns to  corporate event publicity 

Special Event Publicity 

Satira Media & PR excels at establishing maximum publicity for special events such as product launches, concerts, movie premieres, grand openings etc. As a team that strives daily for excellence, we help our clients create compelling awareness strategies that can garner participation and valuable media coverage.