Timi Dakolo initiates Partnership To Aid Bayelsa Flood Victims

The renowned musician and  Bayelsa-native, Timi Dakolo is making strides in raising funds to aid thousands of victims of the flood in Bayelsa. This natural disaster which began in October has since affected 27 states in 36 states of Nigeria, resulting in the loss of many loved ones, houses and livelihoods.  According to various news reports, the current  flooding disaster in Nigeria is the worst the nation has experienced in a decade. Results show that the flooding has led to the displacement of about 1.3 million people, 600 deaths, 200,000 damaged homes, and the loss of a wide expanse of farm fields, animals, and valuable goods.

In response to these casualties, Timi Dakalo took to his social media pages, including Twitter and Instagram to spread the word and shed light on the dark times Nigerians in the various affected states, especially Bayelsa are going through.

On his Instagram page, he posted a video of the state of Bayelsa with the caption, “Help!! Help is needed urgently. This is my beloved state, Bayelsa state. Every help we can get will be appreciated. The living we can still save, and it starts with pooling relief resources together”. To further contribute to the state’s well-being and fast-track the provision of basic amenities for the casualty of the floods in Bayelsa, Dakolo also sought out the help of private organisations to distribute relief funds amongst other aids to the people.

The Azeez Amida Foundation heeded this call.  The foundation has partnered with Dakolo to provide aid to about 50,000 victims of the flooding in Bayelsa state.

In partnership with Timi Dakolo, Azeez Amida Foundation donated relief materials to support the Bayelsa flood victims with thousands of medications covering the treatment of malaria, cholera, typhoid, skin infections, cough and allergies. Moreso, first-Aid kits and antiseptic supplies for a better living are also included.

According to Azeez Amida, founder of the Azeez Amida Foundation, “Nigeria’s economy has been through terrible moments in the past year, and inflation has affected people’s cost of living and income levels. The flooding has further wrecked more havoc on an already fragile economy and people, making living even more unbearable,” More so,  it was a no-brainer to accept when Nigerian chorus leader and Bayelsa indigene, Dakolo, reached out to the Foundation in his bid to support the people of Bayelsa. 

In his remark, Dakolo noted that; “The nationwide flooding that has affected 27 of the 36 states in the country is a huge disaster that requires urgent attention. In Bayelsa alone, lives, sources of livelihoods, and assets have been lost to the floods.”  Adding that, “what is more disheartening is the slow and delayed response of the Federal Government to the plight of victims in the state. Therefore, to make a difference in our own little way, we came up with this support initiative to bring support to the victims of the flood”. 

Officially, all donations made by the Azeez Amida foundation were presented to Timi Dakolo at a handover meeting. The distribution is set to commence and run throughout November 2022.  Once again the award-winning chorus leader continues to use his voice to speak volumes for his Nigeria and his fans worldwide commonly referred to as-The yard People.